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Smart investors hold a small portion of their portfolio in alternative investments such as promising private companies. Previously these types of investments were only available to institiutional investors, although with the power of technology and a landmark change in securities law, these companies can now be owned by the public without an initial public offering. These companies are looking for outside capital to expand their businesses and often to fund innovations that may change the way the world works.



You only need $250 to invest in our platform. Imagine the potential if you select the right company.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All company names used in this website are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement. All information provided is for illustration purposes only and not indicative of any particular transaction by any party. Return On Investment For IPO Investors is an estimated return based upon the difference between the value of a share of the company’s stock at its Initial Public Offering and its closing price as of September 2018. Return On Investment For Early Round Investors is an estimated return based upon the difference between the company’s market capitalization as of September 2018 and certain publicly reported early stage investment valuations. The risk of investing in alternative investments, including those mentioned on this website, is generally high, as their market value is exposed to a lot of different factors such as the operational and financial conditions of the relevant company, growth prospects, potentially limited operating history, reliance on key management, change in interest rates, the economic and political environment, shifts in market sentiments etc. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Estimates of future performance are based on assumptions that may not be realized. When investing in non-exchange traded securities, the investor may lose all or part of the investment and/or may be subject to restrictions governing the sale of the security which may adversely affect the ability to sell at a given time.

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Around 99% of the total enterprise value generated by a company is typically generated before the company goes public. The stock market represents only the tip of the iceberg in terms of investment opportunities to grow wealth. If you look below the surface, at companies before they are public, you can find potentially attractive and very high-yield investment opportunities.

VenShare Capital™ vs. Equity Crowdfunding vs. ICOs

Information for Innovators


Spark Invest has an efficient and comprehensive due diligence process designed to ensure that we only provide our investors with access to companies that meet our internal investment standards and the standards set forth by the Securities & Exchange Commission. If accepted, your company will be opened to our community of investors. Spark Invest technology makes it simple to:

  • Set the terms of your investment round without having to negotiate with every investor.
  • Highlight your team, business plans, growth potential and risks.
  • Leverage the simple, secure and transparent online platform to raise capital.
  • Gain access to potential customers, media and strategic partners.


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You can learn more about investing in crowdfunding from the SEC, FINRA or NASAA.

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Additional information about companies raising money on the Funding Portal is also available on the SEC’s EDGAR Database. Please review the Form C carefully for a full description of each company and its offering prior to making any investment commitments.

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